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New minimal techno and tech-house compilation released today

Just a wee reminder that Teleskopik Recordings compilation EP ‘Years 3&4′ is being released TODAY, so if you like good music go grab a FREE sample of our Christmas offering! The tracks are what we considered the best of our 2011 and 2012 catalog …


More on forthcoming release of our new compilation Years 3&4

To mark their four-year milestone and partake of the Christmas spirit, Teleskopik Recordings will release ‘the best of’ their 2011-2012 releases.


Elexx is back on Teleskopik with a new EP entitled Alien Rendez-vous

March 13 saw the 3rd release on Teleskopik by Elexx: ‘Alien Rendez-vous | Morning Before‘. The A side delivers a fine mix of funky old-s


Olivier S returns with a new minimal techno EP Rebound | Echogirls

Teleskopik’s first EP off the ramp this year was ‘Rebound/Echogirls‘ by Olivier S, released on the 16th of January.


New minimal techno EP by Jamie Ball plus feedback

November 23rd saw the release of Jamie Ball‘s second EP with Teleskopik.


Unreleased Vol1 by elexx and Olivier S and feedback on Pereeskop’s EP

This week saw the release of our new series TKK Unreleased Vol 1 featuring tracks by Elexx and Olivier S.


More on elexx new minimal techno release Chords – released in March

It has been a while since our last news update, but we have been beavering away in the background with the finer details of running a label which, as you can see, includes a new and more dynamic website (designed to attract and hypnotise people into listening and buying our music …), as well as s


All you wanted to know on our new compilation release Years 1&2

Teleskopik Recordings marked their two-year milestone in December with their 10 track best of compilation EP ‘Years I&2‘. Released on 17 December, the compilation features all of the artists released on Teleskopik to date.


TKK009 - Finely crafted minimal techno from Irish artist Sylar

Teleskopik is back with a 9th finely crafted 2-track techno EP by Irish Producer/DJ Sylar. Released today this EP is rich in shuffled drum patterns and hooky samples. Both tracks form a snappy, but elaborate dance floor tool, sure to be enjoyed by clubbers and DJ’s alike.