minimal techno tech-house by teleskopik recordings

TKK November Techno release by Elexx

Teleskopik Recordings are very pleased to be finally releasing their November EP by the ever popular Elexx. The Frenchman has yet again nailed it with ‘Dark Intentions | Andromeda’. On sale as of today at all major online music stores this techno EP is, quite frankly, bloody good …

'Dark Intentions' beautifully combines driving minimal rhythms with dark pads and arp like melodies. The flip-side 'Andromeda' is a slower warmer track; full of analog synthesiser sounds, pulsating rhythms and old skool techno influences.

  • 'Both good tracks, although Dark Intentions is my fav ... loving all the synth work.' - Stephen Brown | Indigo Aera | Transmat | Subject Detroit
  • 'Good traxx.' - Kris&Nico | ex-RMN
  • 'Nice, will support Andromeda, 7/10.' - d-phrag | Red Soho | Bonzai Progressive | Mirabilis Records
  • 'Super harmony, will support Dark Intentions, 10/10.' - DJ Willi P | DRS Virus Radio
  • 'Solid, will support Andromeda, 8/10.' - Aaron Lee | Levitate | Nightshade | Polytechnic | 2RB
  • 'Cool, will support both tracks, 9/10.' - DJ Tallo | Me On the Dancefloor Radio
  • ‘Dark Intentions, will support, 8/10.’ - Noel Sangar | Dissident Music | Armada | Perfecto | Baroque
  • 'Not exactly my style, but Andromeda has a dark intensity that I like. I will give it a try.' - Christos Kedras | Kappa Music | Stealth Records
  • 'I will try these in my sets. I'm not sure yet. Thanks.' - DJ Estroe | Connaisseur Recordings | EevoNext | Tulipa Recordings
  • 'Great EP. Thank-you.' - DJ Robert Grand | ZYX Music | Steady Beatz

Just a quick reminder that ‘Urban Owl | Allegro Mas No Tropo’ by In Pulse is currently on sale – check out it out, it’s worth a listen …

  • ‘Nice, will support Urban Owl, 8/10.′ – Suffused Music | Mistique Music | LuPS Recordings
  • ‘Ok, will support Allegro Mas No Tropo, 8/10.′ – DJ Flacxa | Tag Club, Italy

Check back in December to get info on our next release which, of course, is crackin’. Until then …